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Beat the Summertime Heat in Dallas

Summertime in Dallas is no joke! While we cannot change the temperature, we can at least try to enjoy it (or escape it) in the best ways possible. Here are six ways to beat the summer heat.


Escape to the Lake 

East Dallas 

White Rock Lake is an outdoor oasis in the Lakewood neighborhood. We recommend renting a stand up paddle board from White Rock Paddle Company or DFW Surf. Looking for where to start? The best place to dip into the water is on the north side of the lake. The calm water makes it easy to paddle and keep balanced as you head out to the middle of the lake. Just a heads up: no matter how hot you get out there, do not jump in the water. Swimming in the lake is prohibited.


Paddle the River

Downtown Dallas 

Many people don’t realize there is a river that runs a mere mile west of Downtown Dallas! In fact, the Trinity River stretches 710 miles from the Red River to the Gulf of Mexico making it the longest river in a single state. The best way to explore the river is from the water. Grab a kayak and paddle part of the Trinity River Paddling Trail – a 130-mile-long National Recreation Trail with 21 launch sites in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Pack your phone in a dry bag to snap some great views of Downtown Dallas as you slowly make your way downstream.


Visit The Aquarium

Downtown Dallas 

The best place to be when the temperatures break the 100-degree mark is inside a dark, cool building. The Dallas World Aquarium’s Black-footed penguins, Giant River otters and several Two-toed sloths make this the perfect indoor attraction for the summer! With a lush three-level South American rainforest exhibit, a 20,000-gallon glassed-in tunnel exhibit with sharks circling overhead and a Mayan exhibit home to flamingos, storks and ocelots, the aquarium has more than enough to explore while you wait out the heat of the day.


Shakespeare in the Park

East Dallas 

Shakespeare Dallas has returned to the Samuell-Grand Ampitherater lawn in East Dallas this summer. This summer, they’re celebrating 50 years of Shakespeare Dallas with incredible performances of A Midsummer Night’s DreamThe Tempest, and Hamlet. Check out their website for details on performance times and dates. Pack a light dinner, grab a bottle of wine (yes, it is B.Y.O.B.) and turn your next summer night into an evening of al fresco dinner theater.


Ice Cream Tour of Lower Greenville


Nutritionally speaking, it might not be the best idea to only consume ice cream during the summer months, but it sure sounds like a great idea. While Dallas has its’ fair share of ice cream joints around the city, Lower Greenville has a high concentration of them! This means you can spend a full afternoon sampling frozen desserts up and down the street.

For a futuristic scoop, pop into Creamistry where they use liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze each order for ultra-creamy, decadent ice cream. For a frozen hipster treat, stop by Steel City Pops for an organic, craft popsicle made from locally sourced ingredients. Or, if you want to just blow your blood sugar levels out of the water, stop by Milk + Cream for an unbelievable double-decker ice cream-donut sandwich.


Order a Margarita

Various Locations 

There is no more quintessential way to spend a summer afternoon in Texas than finding a covered patio to enjoy a frozen margarita (or three) on. Dallas has staked its claim as the Official Home of the Frozen Margarita. Lime or strawberry, salt or tajin, frozen or rocks – everyone has their own favorite.



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